Why Join?


Our aim is threefold: to propagate revolutionary socialism as the answer to the growing crises of capitalism-imperialism, to agitate and to educate the working class, our organizers, and allies as to the foundations and goals of our movement. These converge into one, primary goal — the facilitation of cadre development. 


Becoming a member of the Marx Engels Lenin Institute is about much more than financial support — as a member with full voting rights, the workers and students in our organization have the most important responsibilities as set forth in the constitution: electing officers, forming working groups, drafting and ratifying resolutions and amendments to the constitution and overall steering the direction of the Institute in accordance to the principles of democratic centralism. All power lies with the members of the Marx Engels Lenin Institute.

Start an Affiliated Cadre

As a member, you are also encouraged to form local affiliated cadres in your community for the purpose of educating fellow workers, students and new recruits to the workers movement in the United States. You will have directives, educational material developed by MELI cadre, as well online organizing seminars and more at your disposal for the purpose of developing cadre.