Open Letter from the MELI Central Committee to International Communist Parties & Organizations

The MELI CC has organized an International Outreach Committee which has already began the process of reaching out to comrades in the Communist Party of Cuba, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), International Conference of Marxist – Leninist Parties and Organisations, and individual contacts, organizers, and academics throughout South America, Palestine, the People's Republic of China, and Vietnam.  



As the US government intensifies its regressive and inhumane policies toward independent, anti-imperialist nations and in turn, toward all progressive peoples of the world, it becomes the duty of all US working people to not only emphasize outrage against the actions of our own government, but more concretely, to express the need for international organization across the world.

For this reason, our organization, the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute (MELI), extends its hand in sincere solidarity to the international communist and proletarian parties/organzations of the world.

Our primary task as an organization is the facilitation of Marxist-Leninist education and collaboration within the US. But this task may only be carried out in the most effective form if and when the anti-imperialist and socialist peoples of the world come together in an organization representing the interests of all working and colonized people, in complete opposition to the interests of US capital.

To be clear, our reason for addressing the international workers' movement lies in the hope that we may help to facilitate the development of such an organization or conferences, whatever shape it may take, in some small way.

While this process will be protracted, requiring the input of all proletarian parties of the world and where existing, their progressive governments and allies, we wish to begin by extending an invitation to the communist youth organizations and their cadres to submit written works of Marxist-Leninist analysis and theory for publication in the theoretical organ of the MELI, a journal known as Leninism.

We look forward to the comradely cooperation and lively discussion that is sure to come with the construction of international socialism!

In struggle,

Marx Engels Lenin Institute Central Committee